K<Media Pricing


Simple, Transparent Pricing

Our price range depends on your project’s needs. Prices are subject to change.

Looking for a custom plan?

We can certainly work with you to build a custom plan that will cover all of your needs. Please schedule a ZOOM consultation with us.

Selective Features

Prices are subject to change

Standard hourly rates


Capped every 15 minutes – Billed monthly

Private website hosting with backup and maintenance


(only for websites built by KollMedia, billed yearly)

*New customers get 50% discount

On-demand Support service


2 Hours per month (Billed Yearly)

Price Listing Page


Teams Page


Up to 10 team members. $900 for up to 20 members.

Advanced SEO for up to 10 pages


Initial setup

Advanced SEO Subscription


Property management page with up to 20 properties added


Have any other request in mind?

Frequently asked questions

Can I add features on the Basic Plan?

Yes. We build custom plans with any additional requests you may have. Contact us for more information!

Do you work on weekends/ holidays?

We take weekends and major holidays off. However, we are ALWAYS available by phone and continue to monitoring our helpdesk in case of an emergency.

Can I cancel subscriptions anytime?

Yes. We offer yearly subscriptions. If you cancel half way, you may still use our services until the end of that year.

How can I get a free estimate?

There a few ways! You can either call us or use our contact us page.
You may also schedule a Zoom appoinment consultation.

Do you offer non-profit discounts?

Yes, we offer non-profit discounts. Please contact us for more information.