Today’s discussion will cover the role of building an e-mail list and how it can impact your business.

So let’s start with what an e-mail list is. Probably each of us has noticed after spending some time browsing a website, we see a pop-up window, or a corner with a short form to submit for an e-mail list. Visitors input their name and e-mail, showing their interest in your content, or business, etc., so you can send an e-mail directly to them. Such e-mails may be informative type, company news, product updates, and so on.

The use of an e-mail list in your business has additional benefits. Any instrument is good if it pushes your sales forward. According to the American Marketing Association, e-mail marketing has a higher return on investment (ROI) than any marketing channel.

It’s very risky to develop a presence only on one social media platform, as it doesn’t belong to you. A company may change its policy agreement at any time that might be not beneficial to you or disappear at all which will take away all your connections. (ex. MySpace, Google Plus, and others) That is why e-mail marketing is much safer than social media marketing. Even if we compare the number of users between e-mail users and social network ones, e-mail users dominate. Another factor, people check their e-mail more carefully, compared to scrolling the feed of a social network.

However, it doesn’t mean you should stop developing your social media presence. All of these marketing ways create additional conversion and push your business forward.

To have effective e-mail marketing some tools may come in handy. For instance, Constant Contact, Get Response, Hub Spot, Mailchimp, Zoho Campaigns, and many more offer various packages for different levels of business.

Finally, after comparing and sorting out the benefits of e-mail marketing, we have a better idea of this additional instrument to grow our business.

KollMedia Team